It’s quick. It’s simple. And it can turn your financial headaches into a steady, reliable stream of ready cash that lets you take on the big projects, expand your business and be the company you want to be.

It’s First Financial Factoring. Let us show you how small and mid-size businesses in a wide array of industries are utilizing our uniquely flexible and service-driven “factoring” to stay ahead of their competition, by getting OUT of the financing business. That’s right. When you offer net sale terms to a customer, allowing them to pay for goods or services over time, you are basically lending them your money. So your payroll, operating costs, and new business efforts have to wait until you get paid. Well, not anymore.

Get paid on delivery every time with First Financial Factoring Services.

We take on your customers’ debt obligations to you, so you don’t get bogged down in managing the back-end of your business processes or held back by late payments. While there are lots of ways to do this, which we customize to your industry and your company, the bottom line is that you save money overall, and get it all much faster.

Improve your profitability, start Factoring Loan today.
There are no up-front or hidden fees, no out-of-pocket expenses. We don’t even need to know deep financial details. Just call us at 866-654-8314 or click above to get started. In only a few days, First Financial Factoring will help you dramatically improve your cash flow by providing Factoring of Reveivables and Factoring Businesses as per the their need.

Plus, for a limited time, we have factoring loan rates as low as 1%. Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity. Click now and you could save even more.

Factor with the Best Accounts Receivable Factoring Company

By the time you finish touring, you'll understand why factoring receivable invoices is the most effective and affordable way to strengthen your financial security and grow your business. Whahen you choose to factor receivables with First Financial Factoring, you'll begin receiving working capital financing in the form of same-day payments on the invoices you send. Without this invoice financing, you'll have to continue waiting for your customers to pay their invoices before you can use those funds for payroll, taxes, new supplies or anything else. And because our factoring service provides advances on money you've already earned, we can offer far lower rates than you would find from traditional business loans. We're prepared to customize large or small business factoring plans for every new client, and we can even offer international factoring with our full staff of bi-lingual representatives. Please begin your tour of now by reading our factoring articles and learning more about what we can do to solve your cash flow issues.

  We know that making you profitable and happy is what keeps us in business. So we focus on your needs of Working Capital Finance that your Business needs every minute of every day. Here are few reasons to select us for Factoring Business.

Dependable Working Capital Financing

With First Financial Factoring, you always have a steady source of capital through dependable cash flow. That predictable cash flow means lower overall operating expenses, improved efficiencies and, of course, better served, more loyal customers.

Business Growth with Factoring Service

Not only will your immediate access to unlimited working capital turn around your short term problems, but open the door to new opportunities, expansion in the future and increased sales overall.

Achieve Business Vision with Factoring Loan

Forget about your old limitations. Now, new kinds of opportunities can develop, like accepting customers who need longer terms to pay because that no longer hurts your company.

Focus on Business by Dependable Invoice Factoring

Now you can concentrate on the core competencies of your business, doing what you do best. Why? Because you’re no longer spending endless hours trying to get paid.

Better Value with Constant Asset Financing

With the lowest rates and highest advance rate in the industry, First Financial Factoring not only gets the money to you faster, there’s more of it.

Experienced Asset based Factoring

A relationship with First Financial Factoring means 50 years of working with virtually every kind of industry is at your disposal, and ready to make your business work more efficiently.

Savings from Receivable Finance Analysis

We know how to limit your risk to save you money. For instance, we screen and approve your customer’s credit to reduce bad debt expenses.

More Savings with Managed AR Finance

Our professional associates are trained to save you on collection costs and avoid pricey outside agencies.

Improved Credit from Professional Commercial Factoring

By factoring, your company does not incur on any debt. This quickly strengthens your company's financial statements and credit rating, making it easier for you to obtain other types of financing.

Get Discounts with Money Factoring

With your new cash flow, your company can obtain cash and early payment discounts from vendors that serve you.

Get Powered by Factoring Service Experts

Increase your purchasing power through factoring and provide your company with cash for expansion, marketing, research and new equipment.

Improve Efficiency with stable Factoring Loan

We’ll help you eliminate costly and unnecessary penalties for late payments or overdrafts fees at your bank.

Get Profits from secured Accounts Receivables Factoring

By now you can see how all of these advantages quickly add up to a better bottom line for you and your company.


Choose Your Industry for Factoring Loan

We've funded almost all of them. Here are just a few. Be sure to check out some of our leading categories on the left.
1)  Trucking Factoring 16)  Commercial Factoring
2)  Staffing Factoring 17)  Factoring Broker
3)  Manufacturing Factoring 18)  Cable and Dish Installers
4)  Transportation Factoring 19)  Footwear Manufacturers
5)  Distributors & Wholesalers 20)  Pallets Manufacturers
6)  Security Services 21)  Furniture Manufacturers
7)  Freight bill Factoring 22)  Toys Manufacturers
8)  Factoring Mexico 23)  Sporting Goods Manufacturers
9)  Seafood Factoring 24)  Small Business Factoring
10) Apparel Factoring 25)  Medical Factoring
11) Canadian Exporters to USA 26)  Physicians & Health Care Factoring
12) Mexican Exporters to USA 27)  Contract Factoring
13) Factoring Canada 28)  Nursing Homes & Hospitals
14) Factoring USA 29)  Government Receivables Factoring
15) Telecommunication Companies 30)  Construction Factoring

One Call Improves Your Working Capital Financing


Easy Factoring Service

  • Very Simple Process
  • No Financials Needed
  • Don't Require Volumes Of Paperwork
  • Easy To Understand Reports

Fast Invoice Funding

  • Proposals In Less Than One Hour
  • Quick Decision-Making
  • Closing Takes 3 To 5 Business Days
  • Cash In Less Than 24 Hours

Responsive Factoring Help

  • Personal Attention From Your Own Dedicated Account Person
  • Back-Up Account Representative To Insure Your Service
  • Proactive Customer Service
  • No Check Clearance Days
  • Flexible Programs
  • Free 24/7 Online Live Account Access
  • Credit Analysis For Prospective And Present Customers
  • Collection Assistance

Reliable Factoring Loan

  • Widest Industry Experience
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Accounts Receivable Management Leader
  • Well Capitalized With No Banks Making Lending Decisions

High Value Factoring Services

  • Most Competitive And Lowest Rates In The Industry
  • Rates As Low As 1% (Subject To Volume)
  • Highest Advance Rate In The Industry
  • Reserves Available Daily With Unlimited Access
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Minimum Fees            
  • No Application Fees           
  • No Up Front Fees
  • No Out-Of-Pocket Fees
  • No Invoice Fees            
  • No Administrative Fees            
  • No Closing Fee
  • No Due Diligence Fee            
  • No Per Diem Fees            
  • No Per Item Fees
  • No Commitment Fees
  • No Monthly Minimums

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