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At First Financial Factoring, we don't try to make one funding system work for every client. We employ knowledgeable accounts receivable finance professionals that have the experience necessary to create completely customized financing plans. Every account is individually tailored to the budgets, payment cycles, invoicing procedures and specific needs of each client. This is the only way we can ensure that financing accounts receivable through factoring is a profitable and viable option for every business. And although we put a great deal of effort into customizing these plans, we can still get our new small business factoring accounts set up in five business days or less. If you need immediate solutions for your cash flow problems, call us or apply online today to get started.

Start Financing Accounts Receivable Affordably

There are several different kinds of corporate finance opportunities, and all of them come with unique costs. If you're considering financing accounts receivable so that your company has more available cash, beware of the high costs of bank loans and venture capitalists. Bank loans force you to borrow money that your company technically hasn't earned yet, which ties up your business' assets and results in hefty interest fees. Seeking help from a venture capitalist can sometimes result in a more affordable interest rate, but the biggest cost usually comes in the form of losing a certain amount of control over your business decisions. Factoring is the most overall affordable accounts receivable finance solution because it allows you to receive cash advances on all of your outgoing invoices at rates as low as 1%. This solution also leaves you in complete control of your company, and frees up your assets so that you may use them as you wish.

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