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Low Receivables Finance Rates Available

At First Financial Factoring, one of the major factors we take into consideration with account receivables factoring is the credit-worthiness of our prospective clients' customers. Since we ultimately collect our receivables finance fees from them, we can give much more leeway to start-up businesses and companies with troubled financial histories. If you're worried that having no credit or bad credit will result in your being offered a high interest rate, don't be. Many start-up ventures and businesses with bad credit records have used our services for factoring receivables to actually improve their credit ratings. Credit companies do not view factored invoices as debts, and the excess cash they generate make your financial reports look much healthier. After a few quarters of financing factor receivables with us, your credit can improve to a state where negotiating future loans is a much more affordable prospect.

Factoring Receivables for Essential Revenue

Our clients include many companies that were able to identify powerful opportunities that would help them to grow their businesses, but they just didn't have the cash on hand to make them happen. Factoring receivables has provided immediate financial relief for these companies, and they've all gone on to invest in their businesses and compete more effectively. If you've found yourself in a similar situation with your enterprise, don't let those prime opportunities for expansion pass you by. Call our receivables finance experts toll free at 866-654-8314 and tell them a little bit about your company so that we can start planning a customized funding solution just for you.

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