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If your company simply isn't bringing in enough money to cover its operating costs because of its large number of outstanding invoices, it's time to give our working capital factoring experts a call. They can help you start invoice finance payables in less than a week, allowing you to quickly begin getting paid on delivery for every order. It only takes a few days to customize an invoice funding plan to your exact needs and set up an active account.

Learn How Working Capital Factoring Helps

Our status as an industry leader enables us to serve companies in all industries, even those where working capital factoring is not a common funding tactic. If you're in an industry that doesn't often consider factoring invoices as a viable solution to cover short term costs, we urge you to spend some time browsing through our Factoring FAQ page. This section of describes all of the basic principles of this alternative to business loans. And if you're interested in learning more about how it works from one of our Spanish-speaking factoraje representatives, just call them toll free at 866-654-8314. Continue reading below for more details on our Working Capital Factoring services to companies located outside of the United States.


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