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We're ready to show you why nobody performs better export factoring than First Financial Factoring. Our factoring business is based on the belief that a deep understanding of our clients' industries results in faster cash advances, lower rates and active roles in helping our clients reach their long term goals. While many other small business factoring companies are choosing to specialize in specific industries and business sectors, we've equipped ourselves to respond to everyone by hiring a comprehensive staff of industry insiders.

So whether you work in construction, health care, trucking or in any other market, we can offer alternatives to financing your business that are developed with a complete understanding of your company's needs and priorities. No other funding provider in our industry can match this level of flexibility and expertise.

Alternatives to Financing Your Business

If you're either having a hard time paying your operating costs due to lengthy billing cycles or you just don't have the cash on hand that you need to expand, you might be considering loans or venture capitalists as a means of funding your company. But there are alternatives to financing your business that don't involve tying up your assets or turning over partial control of your company to someone else. Factoring your accounts payable with us allows you to collect on your invoices immediately through cash advances at affordable rates.

A factoring business is preferable to a bank loan because the rates are far more competitive and because you're not borrowing against capital you haven't earned yet. And compared to venture capitalists, factoring allows you to maintain a steady income while retaining complete control over the direction of your business.

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