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We're proud to have grown to become the leader in our industry by providing consistently superior service to our clients, regardless of the industries they work in. Our factoring service is designed to be flexible so that we can customize plans based on the unique needs, payment schedules and sales volumes of each of our clients. Our use of experienced industry-specific insiders is also allowing us to provide specialized, insightful solutions to companies in businesses like trucking, health care, construction and manufacturing. We're ready to prove why we're the ideal choice for your new factoring account. Please call us today, toll free, at 866-654-8314 to begin working with one of our representatives on your tailor-made cash flow solution.

The Easiest Cash Flow Funding

Virtually every company that invoices for payment after products or services have been provided must spend valuable time chasing down debtors. If this situation is all too familiar to you, we encourage you to consider our cash flow funding system. Our service can completely remove the time consuming process of aggressively pursuing your money, thereby allowing you to focus on serving your customers and running your business. No other factoring service can make it as easy to get paid as First Financial Factoring, so please take a moment to get in touch with our experts today.

Open Your Factoring Account Now

Even if your cash flow problem requires immediate attention, our cash advance system can still serve you better than a bank loan. The entire process of opening a new factoring account takes only three to five business days, and you can begin collecting on your invoices immediately once your account has been finalized. If you're currently experiencing budget shortages due to a large volume of unpaid invoices, the problem may only continue to worsen if you wait. Call us today at the phone number mentioned above so that we can begin structuring your cash flow funding plan without delay. In less than a week, you can start maintaining continuous access to the funds you need to cover your operating expenses.

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