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When it comes to choosing a financial solutions company to serve as the backbone of your essential funding strategy, it pays to go with the very best for factoring invoices. Because we enjoy the position of the top invoice factoring company in the industry, we're able to offer services and benefits that our competitors can't match.

As you continue reading below, you'll learn about the value-added capabilities that we offer to all of our factoring service account holders as well as the competitive rates that we provide for cash advances. And while exploring the other sections of, you'll read about other invoice funding advantages like the fact that we can deliver your funds within 24 hours of invoicing. If you have more questions after exploring our FAQ and the other sections of the site, please call us at 866-654-8314 to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

Invoice Funding and Much More

Solving the cash flow problems of our clients is what we do best. But we strive to do more for our loyal customers than provide invoice funding, which is why we set up our convenient online Credit Inquiry System. At no extra charge, our clients can use this system to run credit checks on current or prospective customers so that they can stop problematic situations before they start.

We're also bolstering our factoring loans with value-added services like free invoice collection follow-ups. We will take on the time consuming burden of calling up your debtors so that you can focus your attention on more important details.

Low Rates on Factoring Loans

In the early days of the factoring industry, it was not uncommon to see companies charging rates upward of 5% for these services. Today, better technology and vigorous competition has forced the rates on factoring loans down to discount levels. Some providers still charge high fees for their service, but we're proud to maintain some of the lowest rates in the business. Our standard invoice factoring company rates on cash advances typically falls between 1.5% and 1%, far lower than most of our competitors and extraordinarily lower than the rates of business loans.

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