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Increase Available Business Receivable Funding

When you invoice your customers for products and services that you've already provided, you're basically loaning your money to those customers. And if your invoices never seem to get paid quickly enough, your regular business receivable funding may not always be enough to cover your ongoing operating expenses. What you need is an affordable financing solution that allows you to bridge the gap between payment cycles so that you can cover your costs without having your customers submit their payments faster. First Financial Factoring is a comprehensive accounts receivable factoring company with the capability to establish a funding solution within five business days. You can apply online to get the process started, and once your account has been established, you can begin collecting on each of your invoices within 24 hours of sending them. If you have questions about small business factoring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Accounts Receivable Factoring Company

There are a number of factors that should weigh into your decision to choose a third-party financing company. Affordable rates, fast service and customizable processes are all important elements to consider. Our accounts receivable factoring company offers the competitive advantage in all of these essential areas, but we're outperforming the competition in many other important ways as well. First Financial Factoring is proud to offer the following to all of its clients:

  • Complimentary Credit Inquiry System credit checks
  • Collection assistance on unpaid invoices
  • 24 hour online access to account and invoice details
  • Daily disbursement of reserves

No other business receivable funding firm can offer all of these great account features. We encourage you to continue your tour of to learn more about our competitive edge.

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