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Customer care is one of the highest priorities of First Financial Factoring. Ideally, any account receivable factoring service should provide fast, reliable funding without requiring excessive interaction between the factor and the client. We have structured our processes to be completely unobtrusive so that you can focus on running your business with the confidence that we're taking care of your cash flow. But as part of our customer care commitment, we will never hesitate to contact you if there is a particular concern about your accounts receivable funding. And if you should ever have a question for us, we will be ready to help you when you need us. Our experts are available at your demand, but when you don't need our immediate attention, we will simply continue to provide you with fast, affordable funding without getting in the way.

Resources for Accounts Receivable Funding

Many companies that choose factoring as a financing solution only do so after experiencing and recognizing a cash flow problem. In these situations, small business owners may be under a great deal of pressure to secure an accounts receivable funding solution in a very short amount of time. To make sure that you always have access to answers and insights regarding factoring services and our company, we've created an extensive FAQ page on Just browse through this section of our site to learn about all this and more:

  • How factoring works
  • The role of credit histories
  • How quickly financing can begin
  • Effects on customer relationships
  • Advantages over loans
  • Advantages over venture capitalists
  • Information security

Virtually everything you need to know about account receivable factoring in general, as well as the distinct advantages our company offers, can be found within this section. If you're considering this financing solution, please take all the time you need to explore our FAQ now.

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