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Affordably Factoring Accounts Receivable Invoices

If your company provides products or services to customers with no upfront payments and counts on an invoicing system to get paid, you're essentially loaning your money out to your customers. Factoring accounts receivable payments allows you to receive advances on those debts that you would otherwise have to wait for weeks to collect, providing you with essential operating capital and allowing you to avoid additional loans. But another particularly significant advantage that this system has over traditional loans is the availability of lower rates and fees. We offer huge discounts in the factoring of accounts receivable, often at rates as low as 1%. Compared to bank loans, this approach can help your company save extraordinary sums while preventing its assets from being tied up.

Immediate Factoring of Accounts Receivable

The whole idea behind small business factoring is that it allows your company to collect on its debts sooner rather than later. We've taken this element of factoring of accounts receivable to the extreme by providing funds within 24 hours of your invoices being sent. This is a particularly essential advantage to companies that experience both a high sales volume and high operating costs. We're proud to say that no other company can offer account receivable financing as quickly as we can. If your company could benefit from a funding solution that is this responsive, please call our experts today at 866-654-8314 and let them begin customizing a plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Customized Account Receivable Financing Solutions

The factoring business is saturated with companies that have dedicated themselves to serving only small, industry-specific portions of the marketplace. But because we offer the lowest rates, the greatest expertise and the most comprehensive range of services, we want to be able to provide account receivable financing to every company in any industry. We do this by customizing every factor plan on a case-by-case basis and by relying on the knowledge and insight of experienced insiders in multiple industries. Our factoring accounts receivable staff includes experts in the trucking, staffing, construction and manufacturing industries, as well as many others that routinely rely on factoring as an ongoing cash flow solution. These experts allow us to provide specialized service without excluding anyone.

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