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We've structured our account creation and approval process so that you can start receiving increased daily cash flow for financing growth within three to five business days. Our factoring finance experts are ready to take your calls, explain our factoring service and learn more about your business so that we can build a customized plan for you. Once you're approved, we will prepare a written proposal with complete pricing and program details and send it to you at no obligation. Once you sign and complete the financing factoring application, you simply send it back to us via overnight mail and we can have your system set up by the end of the next business day. When you send in your application along with a number of outstanding invoices, we can usually advance up to 90% of the total amount within just a few hours. Call us today at 866-654-8314 and we'll put you on the fast track to a more convenient funding solution.

Financing Factoring for Expedited Income

If you've been operating for years within your current model of working, invoicing and then waiting to finally get paid while the bills keep rolling in, First Financial Factoring can introduce new opportunities to your business. Financing factoring solutions put the money you've earned into your accounts almost as soon as you send your invoices, which gives you the funding you need to be more nimble. A sudden boost of cash-on-hand allows you to take advantage of cash discounts from suppliers and advertise whenever you want to. Factoring finance methods also provide companies with the power to pounce on growth opportunities as they appear, all while avoiding the costs and complications of bank loans and relationships with venture capitalists. In the FAQ section of our site, you can read much more about the types of new opportunities that will be at your disposal when you can remove lengthy billing cycles from your business model.

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