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Factoring Financing for Business Success

Virtually any company would be able to serve its customers better and compete more effectively if it had greater available capital. What our factoring financing service does is provide nearly immediate cash advances on outgoing invoices so that clients can essentially get paid on delivery for all of their products and services. Having immediate cash from factoring finance on hand opens up all kinds of opportunities that weren't feasible before, including:

  • Freeing up company equity
  • Hiring additional staff
  • Getting cash discounts from suppliers
  • Increasing advertising and marketing efforts
  • Expanding inventory
  • Improving credit ratings
  • Accepting customers with worse credit

These benefits of fast working capital financing represent only a few of the opportunities that our services allow. To learn more about what your company can do with greater cash flow, continue your tour of and be sure to browse through our FAQ page.

Fast Working Capital Financing Service

If you've been doing your homework on the various companies in the factoring industry, you've probably noticed a big difference in the way these companies disburse client reserves. Most working capital financing companies will only disburse reserves once every month, and many will even require that a certain amount of money remains in a special reserve account. At First Financial Factoring, we don't require reserve accounts for any of our clients and we disburse reserves every single day. This system allows us to supply the full benefit that factoring financing companies were created to provide; client cash flow is maximized every day, not just once per month. Our solution can put an end to your cash flow problems once and for all.

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