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Factoring Loan at Low Rates

As you read above, far too many businesses jump to the conclusion that Factoring Loan are the only remedy for their cash flow problems. Invoice financing through a customized factoring plan is a far more economical choice, even over the lowest rate loans. At First Financial Factoring, we can frequently get our clients set up with plans at rates as low as 1%. And because our Working Capital Financing solution doesn't require you to borrow money that you haven't yet invoiced for, it isn't viewed as a debt by your creditors. You can improve your company's credit history and save thousands of dollars at the same time by skipping the banks and working with us.

Begin Factoring Loan for Growth and Expansion

Growing businesses almost always requires significant financial investments or Factoring Loan. Many companies begin their expansion phases by financing growth through business loans, but there is a more affordable and equitable solution. Factoring Accounts Receivable payments with First Financial Factoring can reduce the payment cycles of your invoices to less than 24 hours, which puts a significant amount of money directly into your business accounts. Reducing your payment time through invoice financing may provide more than enough funds for you to begin expanding without borrowing money that you haven't yet earned. In the long run, your company can save thousands, free up its assets and grow at a much faster rate.

Your Working Factoring Loan Solution

Many of our customers opened up Factoring Loan accounts simply because they were having trouble making ends meet when their customers were late with their payments. Most of them were very pleasantly surprised when they discovered all of the other benefits that our working capital finance solution provided. For example, because First Financial Factoring enables its clients to always get paid on delivery, they're able to accept customers that they would have previously been forced to turn away. Customers that need extended periods of time to pay the entire balance of their invoices can be approved with confidence, resulting in greater business volume and a better company reputation. Whether you're financing growth by re-investing profits into your business or taking on higher-risk customers, First Financial Factoring makes it possible.

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